A poem a day – one from 1990

locarno bristolI was listening to a lot of Marillion in the 198o’s and I really liked the way Fish constructed his lyrics. Lines such as ‘Creased back, sleazeback, slingback’ echo the way he would write and sing certain lines to give them emphasis.

R & J

The air is heavy with anticipation.

It’s here !

Saturday night….

….and the fumbling fingers struggle with the gel

An aerosol puffs the air with CFCs.

‘I’ll only be fifteen’, she cries.

Creased back, sleazeback, slingback.

She struggles into her ‘tube’ which; cling film like,

Wraps the goods for sale.

The mask now in place, a pastiche of colour to hide reality,

Reality to be hidden under Saturday night lights….

And Juliet steps forth.

The air is heavy with Korous.

Reaching its scented fingers into the shaving nicks.

To cauterise, odourise, sanitize.

The image in the mirror stares back blankly

A parody of reality,

Reality hidden under white socks, union boxers, night jokers.

‘Down in one’, he cries.

His trousers bulge with the paraphernalia of a questing knight,

In search of the grail ?

The steed awaits, horsepower charging the avenue air,

A new air of anticipation hits the streets

As Romeo steps forth.

The air is heavy with the dull, dull thud

As DJ conducts the auction with his neon.

Flickering, bickering, gibbering.

The knight moves in to claim his prize,

‘Checkmate’, and the queen is down.

The request is over, the night begins

As R and J step forth.


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