Home on the Free Range

be-a-free-range-human-250x4When I first came across Marianne Cantwell it was like a new door had been opened. I am not naive enough to believe that things can change over night but as I said before a journey begins with a first step. For those of you who don’t know about Marianne take a look at her website. Fundamentally it is about being a free range human and taking control of your life and working on your terms. I have been a drama teacher for 14 years and while I love much about teaching the obsession with targets, data collection etc gets in the way of what is great about the job; working with young people. Now with a young son in the house I don’t want to spend all my life at work and the idea of working from home is great. My first novel is finished and I am working on Embers so now seems a great time to take the plunge and go free range. Fortunately my partner Sarah is keen to do the same so we are both passionate about developing a new lifestyle. This will allow us to work together on some aspects of our free range life but also be close to our son Alexander.  It is a leap of faith but we have that strength in our relationship to make it work. I think the blogging community will help because in the short time I have explored it there are some amazing people out there doing the same.


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