I went to the woods because….

Taken by me in Shenandoah National Park

Taken by me in Shenandoah National Park

….there is something awesome about nature in a wood and like Henry David Thoreau I find it a place where I can think. There are moments when the whole place is still but you know that it is teeming with life. Nature has always inspired me as a writer I suppose because it shows how fragile our existence is despite the arrogant way human beings strut around the planet. Fortunately there are increasing numbers of people prepared to stand up for the natural world and protest. Not everyone has to be a stereotypical tree-hugging vegan there are plenty of ordinary meat-eating people, like me, who just think it is wrong to treat our only home the way some do. In my writing I try to show the relationship between humans and the landscape; the way we are inexorably linked and tied into what happens in the world. I want to show my son all the amazing things that I have seen in the wild, Whales, Bears, birds of every kind and the awesome landscape around the world. Hopefully with my new ‘free-range’ lifestyle we will have that opportunity and it will feed his hunger to know more and treat humans and nature with respect. I might even get some more novels out of it as well!

What inspires you about nature or anything else for that matter?


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