A Poem a day – Vivi

old woman & shadow of ladySometimes in life we end up doing the weirdest things. In 2005 I was on vacation to see my sister who lives in Stamford, Connecticut and we decided to take a drive to Minnesota. Why? Well we like road trips and seeing stuff on the way. Also my sister had a friend who was going to Minneapolis for a week or two to see an old aunt. Anyway to cut along story short we drove the 1200 miles there stopping off at places on the way and met up with the friend in Minneapolis. Her aunt was being moved to a nursing home as she was suffering from dementia and she asked if we could help out moving aunt Vivi’s things. So within hours of arriving in the city I was scrubbing floors, moving boxes, packing away a lifetime of memories for someone I had never met with my sister and her friend. Not only that we filled our SUV with some of aunt Vivi’s things and they went with us on our road trip. Finally we took them 1200 miles back to Connecticut! These are the words that I wrote shortly afterwards.

Feel free to comment and tell me about any time that you have found yourself in an odd situation.


 Packing away a lifetime of memories

Images, emotions, snapshots of time.

A smiling face alive in a picture

Unaware of the future that is now.

The thoughts behind those gifts now lost

Locked away in a distant memory

The key now lost hidden by time

Ravaged by age and confusion.

Did you see, did you know, did you care?

Or was the life that you led just beyond your sight.

Like the distant horizon of Minnesota’s setting sun.

You burnt bright before but draw towards your sunset

Those left behind need to cherish that which you held dear

Celebrate the life, the memories and ignore the pain.

The pain from caring, the pain from knowing

Look to what was and care for what is.


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