Array of talent….the real X Factor

PICTURE CONTACT HAYLEY CHAPMAN - 020 7633 2542I have never liked ‘reality TV’ or shows such as the X factor partly because it creates and promotes the idea of celebrity  but also for the fact that there a millions of talented people in the world who never get the exposure they deserve. Elton John said recently that ‘I hate the celebrity that is around now.  The vacuous, talentless, horror show that get paid millions of dollars for [nothing].’ Adding: ‘When there are people who are teaching kids every day that are trying to scrape by and earn a living. It’s a joke.’ I know how he feels having been a teacher since 1998 and my sister has taught for even longer. Since starting my blog and new ‘free range’ lifestyle I have been inspired by the array of talent around the blogging community. Today I opened my blog and found a like from Ray Ferrer so immediately took a look at his work. Being a fan of music I loved the images of Willie Nelson etc. They all had a dynamic quality that is missing so much from art. The simplicity of the image and in particular the shadows draws the eye into the picture much like a writer draws in the reader through narrative. It’s just a shame that I can’t afford one for my living room or buy one for my brother who works in the music industry.

Tell me about blogs that have inspired you or that you just think are amazing.


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