A Poem a day – A Glass of wine anyone?

To dispel any myths that my last few poems are typical of my style here is a quirky one from about 2004. My local bar was a place were over a period of time I wrote songs and poems either alone or with friends. This poem was ‘born’ from the fact that one evening I caught sight of a bottle of Argentinian red wine called Finca Flichman. It immediately started to create an image in my mind and I thought about two characters meeting and producing a child. Jacob refers to the Australian white wine called Jacob’s Creek and despite the poem’s simple and quirky nature you can read deeper meanings into it. As my professor of English, Fred Price, once said ‘It’s more than and other than’. Any ideas? Lets have some comments.


One from the Vine

Finca Flichman arrives

Full bodied, fruity

Wearing red.

Casts a cursory glance

Watching, waiting for Jacob to arrive.

The air is heavy

Anticipation abounds already.

Corked her Creek emerges

Out of the light

Ready for the dark

The crimson temptress


Lying in wait from the rack

She raises her eyes


Pouring over her Jacob’s Creek

Falls for her charms

Months later Rosé is born


6 responses to “A Poem a day – A Glass of wine anyone?

    • I can’t remember when I first heard him use the phrase. It might have been when we were discussing the book Points of View an Anthology of Short Stories. Still like the image it creates.

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