A Poem a day – Outsiders Rights

Mountain View

In October of 1990 I watched a fascinating documentary about a modern mountain man living alone outside of ‘normal’ society. From what I can remember officials said that he had not paid taxes and he just said that he had taken nothing from society so why should he give them anything. It caught a nerve in me as here was man choosing to live the way he wanted to and the so-called civilised society could not accept this. I can’t remember his name or exactly where it was. The poem is called Lone Star and I have a feeling that it was in Texas or he was Texan. Anyway enjoy, comment or better still remind me who he was.

The Lone Star

 Caught on a wave of unsuspecting innocence

The eyes drift upward, carried on the breeze

Like the cumulus above.

They settle on me, storytellers eyes,

Speaking volumes without words,

Driving their message starlight to the heart.

No pain.

The welcome of a child awaits this metaphysical union

Donne’s ‘light beams’ from the eye.

The man for all seasons awaits.

His gnarled hand at one with the oaken shaft

That is now its constant companion.

No difference between Man and Nature,

At Salmacis they have become….


The mother and her aged child each part of the

Others existence.

Both threatened by ‘The Civilised’.

What future, what past ?

The Lone Star will not die.

A novelty, a freak of Nature to be studied and observed ?

In taking nothing from our Society why should he give ?

Like the acorns he planted his roots are here

Among the leafy canopies accompanied by goat and dog.

Observing, being….to simply exist.

‘l am!’

Speaking in tireless whispers

A modern mountain man

Simple in his reasoning but wise in his views

A man for All seasons.

15 October 1990


2 responses to “A Poem a day – Outsiders Rights

    • Thanks. Interesting story. I would probably be one of the people to say charge him, prosecute then release him on parole. 27 years is some kind of sentence anyway and locking him serves no purpose. Just tell him that if he violates parole then he will have to do time. Would be good to know the reasons why he chose this life.

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