A Poem a day – Over a cup of coffee

ted hughes and sylvia plathLike all writers we are influenced by what we read and I read a lot of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath in my teens and twenties. In 1997 I was still trying to come to terms with a broken relationship some years before and I wanted to make a change in my life; which I did the following year by training as a teacher. This poem came out of the blue over a cup of coffee. So readers where have you written your poetry or novels?


I opened the door of the bee box

Daddy why do you stare at me?

Your eyes gazing at me through bell jar glasses.

Can it be that all is untrue, unsaid?

Questioning all and questioning nothing.

I opened the door of the gas oven

Ted why do you question me with answers?

All I see and all I know is yet unsaid.

Remaining a mystery as the vapour grows.

It shrouds my eyes with sleep.

St. Michael’s Café, Cotham, Bristol 6 November 1997


7 responses to “A Poem a day – Over a cup of coffee

  1. Brilliant. Sylvia has always been some sort of an idol to me and the struggle between two poets that were her and Ted is actually such a beautiful (yet sad and dramatic) story.
    Where do I write? Anywhere and everywhere. Usually the phrase/idea/line for a poem strikes me at the most random time and i have to quickly grab a pen or my phone and note it down.
    By the way, its a beautiful poem. So full of emotion.

  2. Thanks Chatty. Their life together was something rather like their poetry, stark, powerful, evoking etc. I will read some more of yours. Giving thanks made me smile!

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