A Poem a day – Another hotel?


I must say that I was surprised not to get any comments or posts about the opening to my novel yesterday so it’s back to the poems. I guess most of us have stayed in hotels and motels on our travels but they have one thing in common the Gideon’s Bible in the drawer. I am no longer a believer in any god but still find the idea of religion as part of human history interesting. The idea that a group can place these books in hotels around the world is amazing and whether you believe in the contents or not it does contain comfort and advice to many.  This poem came about having been on a long road trip in the USA. Anyone found other things in the room when you arrived?

Gideon in the Drawer

Hotel another motel

Boss on the phone

Wife cheats at home

No one to turn to

Profit and loss

Sweat stains

Blood pains

No one to call to

Gideon in the drawer

Tie tight

Drink haze

Do I pray?

Someone to call to

Gideon in the drawer

Blank face

Blue light

Night fright

No one is calling

But Gideon in the drawer


2 responses to “A Poem a day – Another hotel?

  1. I remember one New Year’s Eve sitting by myself in a small bedroom at the YWCA in Minneapolis. I knew no one in that city. I was job seeking. There was nothing to read but the Gideon from the desk drawer. Browsing through it, I found a few verses that gave me some comfort and I was grateful for it.

    • I still pick it up. I was brought up a Christian and my values would still be described that way. Even though my beliefs have changed. In all religions there are fundamental humanist truths that non believers still follow without the need for ceremony. The poem touches on that but the salesman cannot find it. Sad but true.

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