A Poem a day – The media hype over Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black


As a person who has worked in the theatre, film and TV professions I have had many friends who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. To me they were and are people first and I never really think of them in terms of their sexuality.  Throughout our lives we search for our own identity and those people who will make us whole. The ‘news’ that Olympic diver Tom Daley’s ‘boyfriend’ is revealed to be screenwriter Dustin Lance Black is such a story. It gathers momentum in the media and forgets that beyond all the hype they are just two people.  This poem from around 2003 seems an appropriate response.

For What we Seek

In all things there is confusion

Mists that shroud perspective

Understanding caught unaware

Visions flash through the mind

Casting doubt on what we seek

Change, stability, illusion,

The thoughts of others blinkered

By prejudice, convention,

What you wish for is unsure

That which you will attain unclear

Your dreams remain imaginings

Reality a constant reminder

Hold on to what you hold dear

Speak your heart

Listen to your mind

For what we seek may yet come


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