A poem a day – Spirit of Route 66 and all that

Another Bristol

I have travelled thousands of miles in the USA and always write while I am on the road. Anyone who has traversed these highways will know the play on words here. Please share your travelling poems. Oh and by the way any guesses where this picture was taken?

Highway Song

 Howard Johnson smiles

A welcoming face along

The highway.

A Best Western greeting

That calls to the weary.

Days Inn, day out

The road goes ever on

With its Ramada

Of trucks and SUV’s.

But now, tired and

In need of rest I search

The skyline for sentinels.

Illuminated towers that

Signal with a Super 8 gleam

Heralding the onset of sleep

Until I sail the American highway




3 responses to “A poem a day – Spirit of Route 66 and all that

    • Well done Karen. We were on our way from Stamford CT to Minneapolis along the Indiana toll road when we noticed a sign for Bristol. As my sister and I were brought up in Bristol UK we are always intrigued to see places in the USA with the same name. Thanks for the comment about the poem too.

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