A Poem a day – Hopi & Apache masks to return home


Sometimes there is good news and what I heard today about the return of Native American masks to the Hopi and Apache tribes shows that people can do the right thing. The Annenberg Foundation was an anonymous bidder and saved the masks from being lost to the two nations.  I know that it is not always practical to return artifacts in every case but sometimes it is a gesture of good will to the original inhabitants of colonised countries and would go some way to show respect to these people.

I wrote this poem in 2004.

Vermont Night

 Starlight descends.

Millions of souls stare down

Across a carpet of green as

Mountains point skyward

Touching the heavens.

They, in turn, caress the earth

Casting their distant celestial light

On an earthly plane.

When the light was born

Few walked this land.

Now the light burns bright for some.

Yet those whose light burned here longest

Has long been extinguished

Snuffed out by a tide of progress.

Foreign values on a foreign soil

Putting out the light that burned so bright.

A star that lit up the mountain sky

But never sought to destroy its creator.

 Mount Snow, Vermont

August 17th 2004


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