MP’s pay rise – A poem a day


One from the 1990’s I think, although it is still very apt. For those of you not in the UK our politicians are being recommended for a pay increase way above anyone else in the public sector; whose pay rises have been frozen at 1%.  We are constantly being told to tighten our belts and this comes not long after the MP’s parliamentary expenses scandals. David Cameron and Ed Milliband spout the usual rhetoric but they are like most politicians focused on the job as a career rather than a real desire to make a difference. Unfortunately too many people will not force change by using tactical voting or any other means to make their points heard.  I guess wherever you are in the world politicians are the same.

The Body Politic

 In time when insensitive platitudes

No longer pour forth from behind oaken doors.

Where grey-suited shadows sweep along carpeted corridors,

Will we see the truth behind the facades.

Facile arguments raining down in torrents,

Dampening the spirits of a bewildered populace.

Reinforcing desire, destruction, disillusion.

Fingers tightening around the country’s throat;

Squeezing the life’s blood from the body politic,

As they lie in their apathetic slumber,

Waiting for change.


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