Arapahoe High School – A Poem a Day

ArapahoeIt seems that we have come full circle and it happens again. As teachers here in the UK we never have to fear what has happened at Arapahoe High School, Colorado today or in countless educational institutions in the USA. My thoughts are with the families and all school staff across the country. My sister has taught in Connecticut since 2001 and I know all in her school were moved by what happened in CT last year. As someone who knows a great deal about US history I understand the feelings about the right to bare arms but surely at some point legislators and public will look to places such as the UK, where gun crime is rare, and realise that  it may be time to explore gun control. Our police are one of the few forces in the world that are not routinely armed and it does make the country a safer place. The pro gun lobby will say it is the person not the gun that kills but take away the access to the gun then the act may not occur. There is a need for debate but I know realistically it will take years and unfortunately we may come full circle again.

For what we seek

In all things there is confusion

Mists that shroud perspective

Understanding caught unaware

Visions flash through the mind

Casting doubt on what we seek

Change, stability, illusion,

The thoughts of others blinkered

By prejudice, convention,

What you wish for is unsure

That which you will attain unclear

Your dreams remain imaginings

Reality a constant reminder

Hold on to what you hold dear

Speak your heart

Listen to your mind

For what we seek may yet come


2 responses to “Arapahoe High School – A Poem a Day

  1. Unfortunately, guns have become a way of life for some people. For others, it has become their way of death. I wish our country would take a lesson from another country’s more peaceful way of settling affairs, but I don’t expect that will happen in the rest of my lifetime.

  2. I am sure you are right professor. As much as I love the USA it is one of the negative things that really stands out to us in the rest of the world. We cannot understand the obession with guns.

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