A Poem a Day – If music be the food of love….

My guitars.

My guitars.

The process of creative writing it not always easy and as a musician as well  songs are just as challenging. An Old Guitar describes the search for the link between the words, the music and the inspiration.

An Old Guitar

Old songs strummed on the heart-strings of an old guitar,

Hang on the living room air.

Striking cords with a well tuned ear that listens intently,

Catching phrases as the music calls.

Those melodies have cleft a channel in the mind,

With modes of Dorian grey.

Blank sheets and scribbles lie scattered on a fretted floor,

Words fighting for life.

Clutching at the melody for a link with the song,

The way to sweeten the music.

This old guitar struggles to hold the tune,

That comes from you to make it whole.

24 October 1993


8 responses to “A Poem a Day – If music be the food of love….

  1. Nicely done! Have you ever experienced that different guitars can bring out completely different styles of songs when you are writing? I recently bought a 12-string, and the first song came almost immediately, and it was different from anything I had ever written.


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