Half of the UK ‘suitable for fracking’

Butterfly in Shenandoah National Park

Butterfly in Shenandoah National Park

Well it had to happen. As a writer who cares for and loves this tiny planet of ours I was shocked to read that half of the UK is ‘suitable for fracking’. It is another example of how the machines of politics and business are inexorably linked.  In the UK we live on a small island crammed with 63.2 million people and it is predicted to hit 70 million by 2028.  We have governments committed to build more houses to accommodate the growing population of citizens and the growing immigration problems. So now why not licence companies to cause even more environmental problems by possibly sinking holes into the earth and extracting shale gas? Yes we need conserve, create and recycle more energy but this announcement and subsequent wringing of hands by politicians, already counting the money, must be stopped.  I wish my young son to grow up able to enjoy the natural world and see some of the amazing things I have seen.

So feel free to share, tweet or blog this poem I wrote tonight.



Lies waiting

Unprotected from pain

Already ravished by greed

Centuries of mercenary  soldiers’ fingers

Clawing at her fragile body probing her

Seeking out her vulnerability taking all

Leaving her tired, naked and poisoning her veins

She fights back with storms, rumbles in the earth

But the faceless suits ignore her pleas and dissenting voices

Her face is changing, unrecognisable from what it was

On a course that needs to be slowed

The voices that cry in support are steadfast

Like her they wish to endure

To save for their children

Her wonderous natural beauty

They wrap their arms

To cradle



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