Rowan Atkinson Archbishop of Canterbury Sketch – a poem a day in support


Sometimes I would like to meet the people who complain about TV programmes, books, plays etc. Why? For the simple fact that if you offended by something you can turn off the TV, donate the book to a charity shop or walk out of the play. The right to artistic self-expression or opinion is fundamental in a democratic society. I do not like lots of things, I may moan about them, but at no point will I tell someone they cannot watch, read or do something; unless it has a direct impact on the lives of others. That includes such things as a right to a certain political view or religion. Rowan Atkinson’s sketch about the Archbishop of Canterbury is a case in point. Not one of his better scripts but still amusing and well performed.  It received 487 complaints from viewers that the monologue was offensive. They may not have liked comments such as prayer doesn’t work or One Direction are like the disciples but this is comedy, satire and by its very nature it pokes fun at the establishment.  So here is a little poem about some people I saw just outside of Chicago in 2005. I thought the whole image a weird and amusing juxtaposition.

Biking for Jesus

Illinois highway

Chicago skyline

Caught in the rear-view

Mirrors beside me

Leather-clad Angels

Biking for Jesus


Biking for Jesus

Leather-clad preachers

Heaven sent Angels

Sacred Heart and shades

Harleys and Goldwings

Biking for Jesus


Biking for Jesus

A chapter with verse

Spreading his message

Highway to skyways

Prayers pointing heavenward

Biking for Jesus


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