The Cry of the Loonloon  front cover2

Jack Clark is a man who needs a break. A failed relationship, mounting pressure in his TV production job means he needs to get away.

He escapes to a cabin in the woods near Manitoulin; a small Laurentian town north of Montreal. Jack hopes to find peace and maybe a new start. What he finds is a small town gripped with rumour, murder and child abduction. Unfortunately for him, he is drawn to the centre of the case by Annie and the Loon Jack rescues from a cold northern lake.

The Cry of the Loon is a tale of loss, loneliness and love set amongst the mountains, forests and lakes of central Quebec.

A spellbinding tale of one man’s search for love and friendship set in the resplendent landscape of Quebec.

                                           Jennie Boston, Editor, Venue Magazinevenue-logo


EMBERSembers cover (Publishing 2017)

Following the death of her mother, Sarah Crawford, a young Equine Vet, leaves Colorado for a new job amongst the ranching community of a small Wyoming town. She relishes the chance to discover the landscape and people who defined her mother’s character. She does not foresee the prejudice that she will encounter as a young woman amongst the hardened ranching community.

Sarah is also drawn into a mystery surrounding arson attacks on ranches along the state line between Wyoming and Montana. She tries to discover who is setting the fires and killing the horses and what she finds will define more than just herself.

Embers is a cathartic journey of self-discovery; at times painful, disturbing and sometimes harsh like the wild and beautiful landscape. It is however, uplifting and embodies the strength of the human spirit.


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