Have you lost someone this year?



2014 has been a tough year. The loss of two babies, Aoife and Lucas, has been a bitter pill to swallow. We will not let this define or destroy us, in fact it has made us stronger as a family. To all those who have lost someone; especially children, this poem is for you. I wrote the poem so that the last letter of each line is the same as the next line to symbolize time as continuous. The last word, however, does not end with the same letter as the first one in the poem because it is a precursor to change. In other words our lives will not be cyclical and we have hope that things will be better.


New Year

Tick, tock, tick, tock, a heartbeat.

Time marks etched in sorrows.

Seconds, minutes, hours,

Sixty becomes one, one becomes sixty, twenty four becomes one,

Every moment defined

Days become seven

Now fifty two becomes one

Each day we remember the ones that changed it all

Left us empty with a void in our lives

So much pain and heartache, we felt and saw

We watch and wait

The only time we want the minutes to rush by

Yearning for the New

Waiting with hope that things will change

Every beat of my heart tick tocks to midnight

That moment when all seems new

When we feel all is possible

Every heart that beats

Silently marking the ones we lost

Turning our thoughts to the rainbow.

Wishing that this might be our year.


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